September 28, 2021

Coaching Excellence

Moving Towards Excellence

You’ve got the basics down and have been coaching for a while. You are seeing some traction in your coaching ministry but feel like if your skills were more honed, you could be more effective. It’s time to intentionally move towards coaching excellence.

The Coaching Excellence Track combines assessment with one-on-one mentoring and group webinars. Five coaching sessions will be dedicated to strengthening areas that your 360° Christian Coach Assessment targeted as needs for development.

Three interactive webinars will address key areas that tend to be overlooked in coaching while allowing you to connect you with your peers and share ideas and experiences. The result of this Track will be a personalized development plan that will raise your coaching competence and effectiveness.

“When used with the 360° Christian Coach Assessment, a coach mentor can maximize your development as a coach and your impact for the kingdom of God. Training alongside mentoring results in excellent coaches.” – Dennis P




The Coaching Excellence Track

Offered twice a year, Winter and Fall, the Coaching Excellence GrowthTrack is continuing coach education structured to maximize your growth and effectiveness as a coach.  Cohorts are limited to no more than 12 participants per session. Each session offers 10 hours of training:  1 Online Orientation (30 minutes) , 5 coach mentor sessions (60 minutes each), and 3 online interactive cohorts (90 minutes each). The breakdown is as follows:

Get Started

Coach Mentor Session 1

The intake session allows you the chance to meet your coach mentor and explore the various ways to maximize this experience, for example: reviewing your previous coach training, explaining your unique context, and building rapport to accelerate your growth.

360° Christian Coach Assessment

Your tuition includes the 360° Christian Coach Assessment. This online tool is the only assessment for Christian coaches that is backed by thorough qualitative research. It clearly and accurately identifies your coaching strengths and areas for improvement.

Coach Mentor Session 2

This will be your first opportunity to debrief your 360° Christian Coach Assessment report and reflect on the information, for example: celebrate your strengths. Identify growth points and prioritize key issues so that you can focus.

Webinar 1: Go Deeper with Your Assessment

Coach Mentor Session 3

Discover the best way to develop your coaching competence by creating an action plan to address key issues that surfaced in your previous session. The “Stop-Challenge-Choose” tool will help you make strategic improvements in your coaching.

Webinar 2: Create a Plan that Results in Lasting Change

Coach Mentor Session 4

You have practiced a new approach, technique or shift in your mindset that you wanted to test.  With that experience you will maximize your learning through the After-Action Review.

Webinar 3: Maximize Ongoing Growth

Coach Mentor Session 5

Embrace a rhythm of life-long learning and commitment to the mastery of coaching by sharpening your personal ongoing journey toward excellence. You will review and celebrate the progress you have made in your Christian coaching competence with your coach mentor, refine your Coach Development Plan and bring closure to your relationship.

These 10 coach mentor hours can be applied towards International Coach Federation certification – contact us for more information


Tuition: $2500

Includes 10 hours of training (as outlined above): 

  • 30 minute Get Started Video + 5 hours coach mentoring + 3, 90-minute webinars.
  • The first webinar of the Fall 2023 session is on October 5th!
  • $200 Registration Fee (non-refundable but can be put toward future session)
  • Pay in full for the Fall 2023 session on or before August 31st to receive $500 off of your tuition!