February 21, 2023

Christian Coaching Essentials GrowthTrack

Christian Coaching Essentials

Coaching is everywhere for a reason—it works! Coaches come alongside others to help them tap into their gifts and talents and accomplish their goals. But not everyone who calls themselves a coach is effective. 

If you want to be a coach who makes a real difference, you have come to the right place! 

Christian Coaching Tools offers two opportunities that will help you start coaching with competence and confidence: self-study and a learning cohort.

Christian Coaching Essentials: A Quick Start Guide to Empowering Others

Our latest book is the perfect self-study tool for learning the basics of coaching. It provides clear explanations and practical application to help you put solid coaching principles into practice. 

Dr. Bob Logan and Dr. Gary Reinecke bring their decades of research and experience to help you apply both biblical principles and effective coaching skills. This is a powerful combination that will help you come alongside others to help them step into their gifts, talents, and life’s work. 

To help you take your learning to the next level, throughout the book you will find QR codes that direct you to online and downloadable action steps, practicum exercises, and resources for further learning and even key documents you can use with your client!

If you are a self-starter, learn well by reading, and are disciplined to put what you learn into practice Christian Coaching Essentials is all you need to get started coaching.

Christian Coaching Essentials will be available  in paperback and Kindle on Amazon on March 7th! Preorder your Kindle copy today!

Christian Coaching Essentials COHORT

You want to maximize your impact. The most effective coaches are those who have experienced excellent coaching and coach-mentoring. 

The Christian Coaching Essentials Cohort is designed to equip you with all you need to know to start coaching. Bob and Gary walk you and your peers through foundational principles and get you practicing right away. 

Built around the Christian Coaching Essentials book, the Essentials Cohort includes 8 online weekly classes where you will put the material into practice and receive immediate feedback. To maximize your learning, cohort participants also receive 2 one-on-one coach-mentoring sessions with either Bob or Gary.

Dates for the Spring 2024 Cohort coming soon!

Essentials Cohort Schedule

Week 1 – Partnering with God to Empower Others: How to tap into the power of Christian Coaching

Week 2 – Two Critical Coaching Skills: How to master the foundational skills and unlock the power of coaching.

Week 3 – Relate: How to start an empowering coaching relationship.

Week 4 – Reflect: Digging deep to discern the key issues.

Week 5 – Refocus: Facilitating holistic plans that will work.

Week 6 – Resource: Leveraging what’s needed for effective plan implementation.

Week 7 – Review: How to build capacity for the ongoing journey.

Week 8 – Bringing It All Together: What are your next best steps?

Following the 8 weeks of group instruction and practice, you will schedule 2 follow-up Coach-Mentor Sessions with either Bob or Gary. These sessions are highly customized to help you elevate your learning and catalyze your coaching practice.

Cost: $2500

Register and pay in full on or before April 1, 2024 and receive $500 off!

Additional resources that can help you take your next steps towards becoming a Christian Coach.

  1. Read Becoming Barnabas
  2. Read Coaching 101
  3. Work through Coaching 101 Handbook

If you are ready and moved to get beyond the basics we suggest Christian Coaching Excellence and the Christian Coaching Excellence Cohort.