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Top Books

Coaching From A Christian Perspective!

Christian Coaching Essentials

A Quick-Start Guide to Empowering Others

Christian Coaching Essentials

If you have a passion for developing others and a desire to contribute to the advance of God’s Kingdom, coaching is for you… and this book is your best first step. Bob and Gary take you through the essentials unpacking what, why, and how to implement for powerful coaching sessions. To expand your learning, exclusive bonus material including practice exercises is linked in each chapter.

“Dr. Robert E. Logan and Dr. Gary B. Reinecke have shored up the basics of coaching with solid biblical principles and made them accessible and actionable.”

Pursuing the Journey of Ongoing Growth

Christian Coaching Excellence

A must-have resource for advanced coach development! Backed by decades of research and practice, Dr. Robert E. Logan and Dr. Gary B. Reinecke share a proven pathway to grow your coaching skills and offer you steps for targeted growth. Christian Coaching Excellence introduces you to a pathway to raise your effectiveness as a coach and help your clients accomplish more. In addition, there are steps for growth in each of the 9 competencies. When used in conjunction with the 360° Christian Coach Assessment you can target exactly where you need to grow. Kickstart your journey to coaching excellence today!

A Ministry of Coming Alongside

Becoming Barnabas

You want to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. But you’re not a pastor or a missionary, just an ordinary believer. Good news, you can serve as a Barnabas! A Barnabas creates a ripple effect, empowering others and spreading outward into the broader community. Just as Barnabas empowered Paul, and Paul empowered Timothy, you can have an impact that multiplies far beyond yourself. Barnabas was someone who empowered others to live into their calling.

Discover the Power of Coaching

Coaching 101

Coaching 101 helps you discover the power of coaching both as a coach and as someone being coached. Coaching enriches lives by listening well, asking good questions, and helping others discern the next best step toward living into their purpose. Your heart will beat a little faster as you invest in the lives of others through coaching. 


Coaching 101 Handbook

What does a comprehensive Christian coaching process look like? Gaining a deeper understanding of the coaching process leads to more productive coaching relationships. The Coaching 101 Handbook helps you better define your own coaching process. This resource is designed to help you apply the practical principles introduced in Coaching 101.

General Resource Files

Download FREE Resources

We’ve curated a list of resources that every coach needs. These documents help keep you organized and your coaching focused. They are our gift to you! Available for free and immediate download.

Powerful Coaching Questions

Keep these questions handy as you meet with your clients! Powerful Coaching Questions helps you navigate the conversation and focus on key issues in the various phases of the coaching process.

Coach Agreement

This template will serve you well as you get started on your journey. This Coach Agreement covers the key areas every coaching relationship needs to negotiate.

Coaching Log

Record-keeping has proven to be a best practice of experienced coaches. This Coaching Log includes the essentials to prepare for a coach appointment, take notes, and log action plans.

Understanding Key Issues

New insights await as clients reflect on this exercise. Understanding Key Issues includes the SWOT exercise—a proven tool to help clients reflect on their presenting challenge.

Action Planner

Save your clients time and energy by helping them clarify what they need to move forward. The Action Planner uses the SMART Goal framework.

Change Guide

Effective change requires advanced planning. The Change Guide covers the core essentials for you to coach your client through when launching any new initiative.

Action Plan Evaluation

It can be challenging to pivot mid-course while staying true to your vision. This simple form helps you to pause and reflect on the effectiveness of your actions and make adjustments to better execute your vision.

Coaching Journal

The best coaches maintain a learning posture. The Coaching Journal is a form you can use to assess your coaching process. This can be used as a self-assessment and for feedback from clients or coach mentors.

Simple Ministry Assessment

A fresh take on the tried-and-true SWOT analysis. In this case, the questions are designed specifically for ministry and in ways that lead readily to action items.

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