Resources to Make You a Better Coach in 2024
Are you seeing your vision for coaching become a reality? You have put effort into learning how to coach, maybe even built a coaching business or ministry. Whatever your next steps, we are have a resource that can help.

Written By CCT Team

Robert E Logan and Gary Reinecke Christian Coaching Tools Co-Founders.

It’s likely that your coaching journey began with being coached yourself. That coaching experience may have been successful because you had an excellent and experienced coach or your own eagerness may have raised the effectiveness of basic coaching skills. 

Working with eager and motivated coachees isn’t the norm. In fact, many people look for a coach to help them determine their giftings, find their purpose, and set goals for their lives. They come to you needing direction. Helping them discover who they are and what they want to accomplish is a process that can be delicate and lengthy. It requires excellent coaching skills. 

Resources to Make You a Better Coach

Whether you are new to coaching, a seasoned veteran, or looking for a way to help your clients raise the effectiveness of their ministries we are here to help. All of the following resources contain principles and processes that have been refined over decades of coaching and coach training. 

Christian Coaching Essentials

Christian Coaching EssentialsIf you are brand new to coaching, returning to coaching, or helping develop coaches you need Christian Coaching Essentials. This book walks you through the basics while offering practical exercises and applications to help cement key concepts and start using them right away. 

After launching Christian Coaching Essentials earlier this year, the feedback has been astounding and requests to translate into different languages are starting to come in. Why? Because this book is simple, straightforward, and a powerful tool to develop new coaches. 

Available in paperback and Kindle.*

Christian Coaching Excellence

You have been coaching for a while but are ready to take it to the next level. Whether you are trying to increase your effectiveness and see greater results or preparing to make coaching your full time job or ministry coaching excellence is the goal. Christian Coaching Excellence is the tool that will get you there. The book builds on the basics by doing a deep dive into each of the 9 coaching competencies. Used in partnership with the 360° Christian Coach Assessment, this resource can be used to target personalized areas of development.

Available in paperback and Kindle.*

The 360° Christian Coach Assessment

The only assessment for Christian coaches that is backed by qualitative research. The result is a snapshot of how you operate in nine core competency areas and 55 behavioral expressions. Additionally, the assessment is linked to a broader data-base so you can see how your competencies stack up against coaches who consistently produce excellent results. The report was recently updated to integrate with Christian Coaching Excellence to direct you to tools that help you grow in targeted areas.

Barnabas Ministry Training

Develop a Coaching MinistryYour coaching clients need help carrying out the work of ministry. What they really need is a team of coaches to disciple, develop, and empower people. Barnabas Ministry Training is a turn key training kit specifically designed to equip lay leaders with coaching skills. It includes facilitator and participant guides, links to video instruction from coaching pioneer, Dr. Bob Logan, and ideas to help you roll out the training in your context. 

Available for immediate download.



Coach Mentoring

The best way to catalyze your development as a coach is through coach mentoring. Dr. Bob Logan and Dr. Gary Reinecke have both walked with countless people to help them raise their effectiveness as a coach. To learn more about coach mentoring CLICK HERE to request a free 30-minute exploratory conversation to talk with Bob or Gary.



Simple Ministry Assessment

Your clients have plans and systems in place. The big question: Are they working? Help the ministry leaders you coach take a clear-eyed snapshot of where their ministry current is while creating action items with this simple ministry assessment.

What is your vision to cultivate leaders?

Every church should have a leadership development system. Even if that system is currently working, it needs to be assessed regularly to meet changing needs. Here are the basics that every leadership development system should have…

How to connect with high-level leaders

You want to build your coaching business but you don’t want to feel like a salesperson working on commission. The good news is: you don’t need to work up a semi-uncomfortable sales pitch and practice delivering it. Here’s what to do instead…

Get your clients ready for change

You are coaching change leaders, people who need to get others on board and growing toward to what’s next. Here’s a simple way to gauge the level of receptivity for change and discover the way forward.

What is the best way to turn a corner? 

The ultimate goal of coaching is to help clients change their lives for the better and grow personally and in their ministries. As you help people prepare for what’s next, it’s important to help them slow down, assess and adjust so they can round the next corner with confidence. Here’s how…

You can effectively coach clients through change

How change REALLY happens—and what you as a coach can do to facilitate healthy, effective change for your clients.

Coaching for healthy work/life balance

Most people you coach don’t suffer from laziness.  Your clients live life in the margins.  When push comes to shove they sacrifice their health (spiritual, mental, physical) in their efforts to lead well.

Ready to grow your coaching business?

Want to grow your coaching business? Here are 5 Steps to get you (and keep you) on track.

Planning for 2024? We are too.

You are a forward-thinking coach and you are likely in visioning mode for 2024. What issues will those you coach be facing? What will they need from you? How can you be best prepared to serve them? 

Top Ten Coaching Blog Posts of 2023

Looking back at the posts that you engaged with the most in 2023. It’s an insightful peek into what matters most to YOU, which helps to direct us in how to continue to offer you resources and solutions in 2024.