Top Ten Coaching Blog Posts of 2023
Looking back at the posts that you engaged with the most in 2023. It's an insightful peek into what matters most to YOU, which helps to direct us in how to continue to offer you resources and solutions in 2024.

Written By CCT Team

Robert E Logan and Gary Reinecke Christian Coaching Tools Co-Founders.


top 10 cct blogs 2023


2023 Top Ten Blogs

Take a look at the following list. Why do you think these blogs were the most opened? Which topic resonated most with you? In true New Year’s Eve style, we are counting down to the #1 blog of the year…

10. 6 reasons coaching is the best investment An excellent coach catalyzes vision and is a key contributor to keeping ministries healthy and mission focused. Not everyone knows the power of coaching. This list takes a look at possible pain points and why coaching can help.

9. 6 steps to responsible money management Money can be a sensitive subject but it doesn’t have to be. These are the basics of money management. Every single person on the planet needs a refresher now and then. 

8. Working with Different Generations This post being in the Top Ten demonstrates your commitment to connection. There is a gap in communication styles and even values between generations. And that isn’t necessarily bad. It is something to be aware of and intentional about as you adapt your coaching style to best meet your client’s needs.

7. 6 Strategies for Landing New Clients We love that this post made the Top Ten. You are pulling up your sleeves and eager to help others be all that God has created them to be. Even if you have been coaching for a while, most coaching relationships are seasonal. Building your client base is more than financial—the more you coach, the more you hone your skills.

6. 3 Listening Exercises  If you aren’t growing as a coach, you will see your effectiveness—and your client list decline. Look for more posts with simple refreshers on a variety of coaching skills from us in 2024.

5. Are you ready to coach large churches? Five challenges when coaching the pastor of a large church and tips to help you work through them effectively.  

4. Finding Your Ideal Coaching Client One of the great things about coaching is that you don’t have to be an expert or even have experience in a situation in order to help. However, as you grow your business it becomes apparent that you thrive coaching in certain situations. Narrowing your focus can catalyze growth. 

3. Coaching the Small Church Pastor There are so many positives about being a part of a small church—and some pitfalls that keep them from growing. 

2. 22 Questions to Ask the Mid-Sized Church Every single post in this series on coaching churches of various sizes made the Top Ten. We hear you! Look for more CCT posts that offer insight and tips into coaching through specific contexts in 2024. 

1. 5 Challenges Every House Church Faces YES! We see it too. House churches are a growing movement. And the CCT Team has lots of experience in this category. We will be bring you more of coaching house church pastors and networks in 2024.

Your voice matters

We hope this post has helped you see our commitment to you and to creating content that is important to you. As you can see, identifying the Top Ten blogs of the year has been a strategic part of our planning for 2024. We invite you to speak into this further and invite you to take a few moments and complete this SHORT SURVEY. Let us know how we can come alongside you to help you grow as a coach, build your coaching business, and work with specific context and clients. 

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Merry Christmas from CCT

Whether you live in a place where it snows or not, there’s something untouched and brand new about Christmas and New Year’s… like a fresh snowfall. Not yet a footstep in it, so all the possibilities are still there–and limitless.