How to tell if you are a great coach
Anyone can say they’re a great coach. In fact, read through coach bios online and it sounds like they all are great. But you know that’s not always the case. How can you know where you really stand?

Written By Robert E Logan

Christian Coaching Pioneer, Strategic Ministry Catalyst, Resource Developer, Empowering Consultant : Logan Leadership
There are measurements that give coaches and their clients a measure of assurance in coaching ability. Certification is one. With the many types of certification some are bound to be better than others. Even so, you know there is variability within those certifications: some coaches with the same certification are better than others. Other measurements include years of education, experience, awards… all of it means very little if you aren’t getting results. 

So how can you know if you are just saying you’re a great coach or if you demonstrably are one? It’s not about what you’ve already done—it’s about what you’re doing right now. What do your skills look like in action? There’s only one way to find out…you need a coach assessment. 

The 360° Christian Coach Assessment


The 360 Christian Coach Assessment is the only one that is backed by thorough research. (Check out the Christian Coaching Excellence: Pursing the Journey of Ongoing Growth* book for more on the research.)  This assessment doesn’t test for knowledge or past certifications… it tests for current coaching skills. And these are the skills every coach needs. The assessment covers the 9 areas and 55 specific microskills that are essential to coaching excellence. Master these skills and you’ll get results. 

The 360 part means you’ll get the most accurate picture of your competence in each area. By taking multiple views into consideration—not just yours but those of those you coach and those who coach you—you will get a clear snapshot of where you are in your coaching skills.

The end result doesn’t just give you an overall grade: A, B, C, etc. It’s a report that showcases your skills in each area of coaching. Every coach is different. Some are great at establishing but not concluding. Others might be great at supporting but not at planning. Your report will clearly and accurately highlight your strengths and the specific areas where you can improve.

Turn Assessment into Action

The 360 Christian Coach Assessment gives you a personalized, tailored picture of where you are that shows you exactly where you need to focus your efforts to get maximum growth as a coach. Then it’s your turn.

The Apostle James warns about who looks in the mirror and then goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. Make sure your assessment results get translated into action. Learn what will really make the most difference. After all, the more experienced you are as a coach, the more difficult it is to pinpoint where you need to improve.

Engaging in the assessment process is the best way to proactively improve your coaching skills. And proactively improving your skills is the best way to grow your coaching success stories as well as your coaching business. Start your coach assessment today!

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash


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