Coaching for Dreams and Passions
One great use of coaching is helping people identify their dreams and passions. In a sense, that’s the core of coaching: to help people find the direction God is calling them.

Written By Robert E Logan

Christian Coaching Pioneer, Strategic Ministry Catalyst, Resource Developer, Empowering Consultant : Logan Leadership

The Need

It’s easy to assume people already know what they want… and deep down that may be true. Most of us, however, need help to articulate and to clarify the vision God has placed within us. Vision doesn’t always come to us clearly and fully formed. There are often questions, fears, and doubts that are closely tied to our dreams and passions. And they certainly don’t come to us with an implementation plan.

coaching dreams and passions

Coaching for Dreams and Passions

Here are some great questions you can use to come alongside others in this very personal journey of identifying dreams and passions:

  • What excites you?
  • Where are you seeing God at work?
  • What drains you?
  • Tell me about your gifts, strengths, skills, experiences.
  • What promptings have you been hearing from God?
  • If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do for the glory of God?

Now, it’s time to try it out!

Even if you’re not a professional coach, see what happens when you ask these questions of someone you’re supervising, mentoring, or discipling. Or, try them out on a spouse or a friend and see what happens. Be sure to set aside some focused time to really listen to their answers and reflect back what you are hearing. You’ll probably be surprised at all you discover.

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