Planning for 2024? We are too.
You are a forward-thinking coach and you are likely in visioning mode for this year. What issues will those you coach be facing? What will they need from you? How can you be best prepared to serve them? 

Written By CCT Team

Robert E Logan and Gary Reinecke Christian Coaching Tools Co-Founders.
Looking ahead at 2024, you are probably thinking about the bigger picture. You know your coaching ministry doesn’t stop with you. It trickles down not only to those you coach, but to those they lead, and to then to those they lead.

Good coaching has the potential for maximum impact. You want to see their ministries flourishing, thriving, and expanding. You want to see disciples and leaders made and multiplied. You want to see the Kingdom coming closer with each step forward they take in their plans.  

That’s what those you are coaching want too. They’re looking for clarity and direction. They’re looking for practical, strategic ways of doing ministry better and smarter. They’re looking for customized solutions and top-notch guidance. So how can you stand ready to provide the most helpful coaching you can?  

Consider your clients’ specific needs

What challenges are they facing now? What issues are they likely to be facing throughout this next year. So what are the issues your clients are facing? Think it through: do they need help knowing how to develop leaders? How to make disciples? How to multiply their ministries? How to deal with conflicts? How to get others on board with the vision? How to navigate leadership transitions? You’ll want to pre-think some of the most common needs your clients will face this coming year so you can coach them through the issues in their particular contexts. 

Reflect on your own skill base

Given the needs of your clients, what are they likely to need from you? Brainstorming help? Strategic planning strategies? Help casting vision? Determine which skills you’ll most need to grow in to help your clients sharpen their approach to the new year.  

Plan ahead for building your coaching business

In addition to identifying your clients’ needs and sharpening your own skill set in 2024, you’ll want to take a wider view of your own ministry. How can you get more clients, be more effective, and go deeper? How can you target the influence and impact of your business so it grows and you’re in a stronger position to help more people? How can you know that your efforts are resulting in more life change, transformation, and the extension of God’s Kingdom? 

Survey says….

Your voice matters. As we plan out how to best come alongside you in your coaching ministry, we want to hear from the person who matters most—you. You know your clients. You know your skill sets and business goals. Take a minute or two to complete this SHORT SURVEY to let us know how we can laser-focus on what you need most in 2024. Your response will directly impact what you get from us this year.

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