September 07, 2021

Discover the 5 Best Ways to Grow as a Coach
You are busy with many other responsibilities. How can you take your coaching to the next level instead of just continuing to dabble in coaching? We can help you discover a clear path to move forward in your journey toward coaching excellence.

Written By CCT Team

Robert E Logan and Gary Reinecke Christian Coaching Tools Co-Founders.

Where Are You in the Coach Development Process?

As a coach, you have a vision to help people listen to the Holy Spirit, and discover and live out their God-given calling. You know what good coaching can accomplish: those you work with will be empowered to make disciples, develop leaders, start groups, launch ministries, and plant churches and movements. You’ll be an integral part of doing great things for the Kingdom of God and making a difference in the world.

Coaching solves the problem of developing people and getting the work of the ministry done. When you shift your posture to developing people through coaching, they’ll grow and more people will be reached. In this way, you can see the mission of Jesus come to earth and be lived out in practical and far-reaching ways.

Your calling is to develop people to the maximum level of their potential and see excellent ministry results. And you know that engaging the coach development process is a critical way to get there.

But how?

You are busy with many other responsibilities. How can you take your coaching to the next level instead of just continuing to dabble in coaching? Like you, we care about using coaching as the powerful tool that it is for furthering the Kingdom of God and making a difference in the world. If you’re ready to get serious and be intentional about your development as a coach, we’re here to help.

We can help you discover a clear path to move forward in your journey toward coaching excellence. Let us come alongside you to bring clarity, turn on a flashlight in the dark, provide a map to lead the way, and serve as a guide to point out the path ahead and help you avoid obstacles.

What does the journey toward coaching excellence look like?

It all depends on where you’re starting. You’ll need to begin by figuring out where you currently are on the path to becoming a great coach, and then taking the next step in that direction. Although the specifics look a bit different for everyone, here are a few basic stages. Where do you find yourself right now?

1 ‐ Experience coaching

If you’re just starting out, the most essential first step is to get a coach yourself. You can’t do what you haven’t experienced. The absolute best way to learn how to coach is to experience it. Skipping over that part is like trying to be a teacher without ever having been a student. In this way, you can learn what coaching is like and you’ll appreciate its value as you see how it helps you become more effective in your life and ministry.

2 ‐ Read about coaching

Experiencing coaching in real life may lead you to doing some reading about it. Read through some of the best books on the subject to gain exposure to coaching concepts and goals.

3 ‐ Develop your coaching skills

If you are still interested, attend a workshop or get some coach training. The best coach training approaches will have some experiential components to get you started practicing right away. Learning the concepts without practicing them is generally unhelpful and leads to stagnation.

4 ‐ Connect with a coach mentor

The next step is to get more intentional; try working with a coach mentor. Getting coaching on your coaching will dramatically accelerate your improvement. Having an experienced coach come alongside you is one of the best ways to help you develop your skills and move forward on the path toward excellence.

5 ‐ Take a coach assessment

The more advanced you are as a coach, the harder it is to pinpoint where you need to improve. Taking the 360-degree coach assessment can really help you zero in on the places of maximum leverage for growth, customize your journey to excellence, and help you make the most powerful contribution you can for the Kingdom of God.

This is what the general outline of the journey looks like to go from a novice coach to a world-class coach. You won’t have to guess if you’re on the right track. You’ll know you’re on the right track. We know Christian coaching like no one else knows Christian coaching. We’ve been researching, teaching, writing, practicing, and presenting on coaching for 30+ years—and improving all along the way. If there are people who have done more research on Christian coaching, we don’t know about them. We truly understand not just the value of coaching—but the value of quality coaching.

What’s next?

Are you ready to get serious? Are you ready to really grow as a coach? If so, get started today by clicking the link below that best describes where you’re at so we can get you the resources to move forward.

Wherever you are on your journey, you can walk in the confidence of knowing you are on the track of becoming the best coach you can possibly be. You can learn though experience, reading, training, mentoring, and assessment. You’ll experience the assurance that the areas you choose to work on are the most strategic points for you.

And best of all… you’ll be super-serving your clients. Because isn’t that what coaching is all about? You’ll see them make progress toward their goals like you never have before. And you’ll know you are part of how God is at work, so that someday you will hear God say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

If you are far enough along on your journey of coach development that you want to connect with a coach mentor or get a coach assessment, click through to the next section of our website: Pursue Excellence.

That was a great coaching moment!

Most coaching assumes a formalized coaching relationship with a beginning, a middle, and an end, with clear goals to be accomplished along the way. However, you can also use your coaching skills in less formal ways– just as a way of relating and interacting. Think of it as a “coaching moment” instead of a “coaching relationship.”

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Can you find coaching in the Bible?

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Coaching your kids

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