That was a great coaching moment!
Most coaching assumes a formalized coaching relationship with a beginning, a middle, and an end, with clear goals to be accomplished along the way. However, you can also use your coaching skills in less formal ways– just as a way of relating and interacting. Think of it as a “coaching moment” instead of a “coaching relationship.”

Written By Robert E Logan

Christian Coaching Pioneer, Strategic Ministry Catalyst, Resource Developer, Empowering Consultant : Logan Leadership
 A coaching moment is one of those opportunities that arise spontaneously in everyday life to listen well or ask a good question. 

For example, take the time to listen to a ministry colleague when they’re facing an obstacle. When one of your volunteers comes to you with a problem, ask a question rather than providing a solution. In essence–act like a coach in your day-to-day life and ministry.

A great coaching moment

coaching moments with kids

A friend once gave me a great example of a coaching moment. At her community group, her fifth-grade son was complaining about a new school policy of wearing uniforms. He said, “Choosing your own clothes is a way of expressing your personality.” Another adult in the group asked him, “What are some other ways you could express your personality?” He came up with three other ways on the spot.

What a great coaching question! What would it look like if we could ask each other questions like that at our jobs, in our families, at school, in our community groups? Imagine the supportive network of relationships that would be created through all of those coaching moments.

You can use coaching skills quite effectively in normal day-to-day interactions. It’s less structured and more spontaneous… but still makes a significant difference. Try it for a week and see how it goes.


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