The power of coaching
If you’re a coach, you know how powerful coaching can be. You likely got into coaching because you experienced its power in your own life. But how? What makes coaching so powerful?

Written By Robert E Logan

Christian Coaching Pioneer, Strategic Ministry Catalyst, Resource Developer, Empowering Consultant : Logan Leadership

The power of coaching can be difficult to articulate, in part because the experience is different for everyone. However, the general goal of coaching is to bring out the best in others. When coaching is done well, 5 powerful results emerge.

Five key outcomes behind the power of coaching

1. Provides encouragement for the journey

People often receive coaching during difficult, discouraging times in their lives. Sometimes talking with a coach provides the broader perspective to help a person see past the current challenges, reminding them of what they are working toward.

2. Cultivates wisdom and strategic insights

It never fails to amaze me how often someone listening, asking good questions, and reflecting back what they are hearing results in sometimes startling insights. The idea was there all along, but the coaching drew it out.

3. Discovers breakthrough opportunities

Left to our own devices, we focus on the negatives, the barriers, the challenges. But through coaching, we are brought to a place where we begin seeing the opportunities buried in those challenges.

coaching discovers breakthrough opportunities

4. Maintains focus on the truly important

How often do we get sidetracked on the latest emergency, task, or conflict? Coaching helps us get back on track and remember what’s truly important in all that we are doing.

5. Transforms vision into reality

By far the most exciting thing about coaching is when we see a vision transformed into reality. What was previously an idea or aspiration is now tangible in the present moment. That’s ultimately what coaching is for.

The power of coaching and you

Consider each of these in turn. Think back on your own experience of coaching, both as a client and as a coach. Where have you seen these at work?

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