6 Strategies for Landing New Clients
You are poised and ready to help people and you are getting a lot of interest in coaching. Now you need to turn those potential clients into contracted clients.

Written By Robert E Logan

Christian Coaching Pioneer, Strategic Ministry Catalyst, Resource Developer, Empowering Consultant : Logan Leadership
Do you seem to have a lot of potential coaching clients? Is there a growing list of people who are thinking about working with you, but waiting for the right time? Or people who would like to get coaching, but can’t seem to commit just yet? How about people who push coaching down the road because they have too much on their plate right now? 

Part of coaching people is helping them get unstuck. But how do you help people get unstuck at the very point of decision of committing to a coaching relationship? Here are a few ideas to help you move potential clients into active coaching relationships.

6 Strategies for Landing New Clients

landing clients

1. Offer a free initial coaching session

Most people who are seriously considering engaging a coach will take you up on this. Frame it as an audition of sorts to see what they are looking for and what you are looking for. Tell them that if you are not the right coach for them, you will not hesitate to point them in a different direction. 

2. Avoid black and white thinking

It’s not necessarily true that everyone should engage you for coaching. They may need something different from what you have to offer. They may be in the midst of a personal crisis where counseling is a better option for them currently. As a coach, you want to help people… even if you yourself are not the answer they need.  

3. Encourage due diligence and research

It’s helpful for people to audition a few coaches before they settle on one. Encouraging them to consider what they are looking for now will save both of you time and energy in the long run. The right fit is beneficial to everyone.

4. Be clear about what you offer as a coach

You want clients who will thrive during your coaching relationship. The truth is, not everyone will be a great fit. If you coach in some areas and not others, say so. Not everyone is comfortable coaching in any situations. If you coach in a niche area, make that clear. Your experience and expertise is relevant and valuable. If you work best with people who are very direct (or very fill-in-the-blank), that’s okay. Own it. 

5. Make sure the price is right

Don’t undervalue or overvalue your services. Be sure to do a price comparison of some other coaches in your area of similar levels of experience. You want to find the sweet spot between accessible and investment. This is where people can afford you and they are aware of the value attached to the coaching relationship. People will work to get their money’s worth out of your time together.

6. Make sure you have a coach yourself

This is honestly the most valuable tip. The ideas listed above aren’t a recipe that is right for every coach or potential client. No two people are the same. No two situations are the same. You need your own personally tailored solutions, and your own coach can help you create one. They can help you assess your unique situation to identify the bridges you may need to build to help people cross over from potential clients to contracted clients. 


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