A New GrowthTrack for Coaching Essentials
Whether you are looking to help Christian businesses thrive or have a heart to develop others and multiply disciples solid coaching skills are the key to maximizing your impact. Here are 2 opportunities to get you started coaching.

Written By CCT Team

Robert E Logan and Gary Reinecke Christian Coaching Tools Co-Founders.

A common outcome of receiving good coaching is wanting to share that gift with others. But experiencing excellent coaching doesn’t provide you with all that you need to be an effective coach. You need to learn the coaching essentials that will ensure you will be an effective coach. As a Christian, you know that when God is invited in, the results go from good to incredible. So you want to learn how to apply biblical principles to coaching as well. We’ve got you covered…

Dr. Bob Logan and Dr. Gary Reinecke have brought their combined 70 years of coaching experience together to share the most important things they have learned to help accelerate your early development as a coach. The brand new Coaching Essentials GrowthTrack offers you two new coach training opportunities through Christian Coaching Tools:

Introducing Christian Coaching Essentials

Christian Coaching Essentials

Our latest book, Christian Coaching Essentials, will be available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format on March 7, 2023! But if you are a Kindle fan, you can preorder your copy TODAY!

The book clearly and strategically applies biblical principles to the foundational skills you need to be an effective coach. It’s easy to work through and provides true-to-life examples from Bob and Gary’s vast coaching experience. Additionally, as you progress through the chapters you will come across QR codes linked to bonus material that includes action steps, practical exercises, and downloadable resources that every coach needs when they are starting out.

Preorder your copy HERE.

The Essentials Cohort

Coaching Essentials Cohort

Jump start your coaching! Some people pick up a book, read it cover to cover, and apply what they learn. But most people benefit from additional instruction and accountability. This is why we created the Coaching Essentials Cohort.

This 8-week online cohort offers instruction, practical application, peer-to-peer coaching with immediate feedback, and an additional 2 private coach-mentor sessions with either Dr. Bob Logan or Dr. Gary Reinecke.

Register and pay in full before April 1, 2023 and receive $500 off your cohort tuition!

We truly took out all the stops to provide you with the best possible start on your Christian coaching journey! Visit our website to learn more.

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Slow Your Roll and Establish Disciple Making DNA

One of the pitfalls of launching small groups after the corporate gathering is established is that the DNA of disciple making can become secondary rather than primary.  This is a common problem when coaching church planters who, in their compulsion to “go public”, have found themselves relaunching two years later.  You as the church planter coach have influence in this decision.  

The meetings you dread as a supervisor

When things are going well and goals are being met, being a supervisor is great. Meeting with your team is delightful. You can be a source of encouragement, celebrating their progress and helping them continue to move forward. But what about those times when the goals aren’t being met? Things can get uncomfortable.

Is coaching always the answer?

You heard it here… coaching is not always the best approach. There are times when—as a coach—you will need to switch hats in order to meet the needs of your clients. Here’s when and how.

8 keys to successful delegation

Delegation is an essential skill in life and in ministry. Not only does it take work off your own to-do list, but it helps develop others. So why is it a challenge?

Helping clients navigate retirement

Not everyone looks ahead at retirement with excitement. There’s a lot to process. Finances, aging, and identity are a few big topics that are really intimidating, especially if you aren’t prepared. 

Not sure where your place is in ministry? Start here.

 What do you uniquely bring to the table? It might be different than it was a few years ago.

Considering a new ministry opportunity?

How many times have you heard leaders share that they are considering a “new ministry” opportunity? How to help with discernment surrounding transitions.

6 Steps to Responsible Money Management

Money is a touchy subject. But dreams need to be financed so it’s a topic that comes up regularly in coaching conversations. Here’s how to help your client’s align their finances with their goals.

Drop the tasks that are holding you back

Are you feeling like your wheels are spinning but you’re not going anywhere? It sure is hard to stay motivated when you aren’t seeing results. It’s time to examine and drop the tasks that are holding you back. 

6 reasons coaching is the best investment

Things are different now—and that make coaching more important than ever. Here are a few reasons why coaching may be your best investment in 2023.